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Difficult to make a choice for your new Adhesive Bra? We wrote this Adhesive Bra special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Adhesive Bra!

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Adhesive bra buying guide

The bra is an essential lingerie item for all women because it helps maintain the breasts harmoniously with the rest of the figure.However, the bra becomes problematic when it comes to wearing a strapless little dress, an open back or a low neckline.Indeed, exposed suspenders are not the most classy and glamorous in terms of fashion.To wear your little tops and beautiful dresses without constraints, the solution is to put on an adhesive bra.Style, material, color, etc., how to find oneself in the middle of the multiplicity of the designs of this type of bra?This guide will allow you to establish a comparison so that choosing your adhesive bra becomes child's play.

What is an adhesive bra?

Also called " invisible bra" or " backless bra“, The adhesive bra is a lingerie accessory that is used to support the breast so that nothing shows under the clothes. Indeed, this type of bra is devoid of straps and / or fasteners in the back. Thus, it allows the wearing of strapless dresses or other garments with a scalloped neckline with much more finesse and elegance.

An adhesive bra is made from a specific material that adheres directly and easily to the breast.Also, the lingerie will stay perfectly in place for hours without problem.This type of bra has also been designed to stay intact even when it comes in contact with moisture.It can therefore be worn under a swimsuit for swimming in the pool or in the sea.However, its adhesion may decrease in effectiveness due to excessive sweating.In addition to sweat, hair, bacteria and other dirt that sticks to the skin also affects the stickiness of the sticky surface of the bra.Whenever possible, it is therefore advisable not to wear an adhesive bra during sports sessions or when it is too hot.

An invisible bra is therefore an accessory just as comfortable than reliable. It meets the needs of women looking to support their breasts effectively while avoiding the weight and discomfort of a classic bra. Women with large breasts will find the most benefit in wearing this type of bra, because it provides breast support whether with a strapless or open back dress. Certainly, an adhesive bra will really be under a dress with a halter top or T-shirt, but it won't hide the nipples. It is therefore necessary to provide nipple covers, also called "petals".

You should know that the upper part of the self-adhesive bra is generally made of polyester fabric. It also has small openings in the curve that let the moisture from the sweat escape to the outside. In other words, the adhesive bra is breathable. This property allows it to maintain good adhesion for a long period.

Criteria for choosing the right adhesive bra

Do you want to buy the best adhesive bra model? The one that best meets your expectations? To make your choice easier, take the following parameters into account:

The size of the bra

To have an irreproachable outfit, it is important to choose a Adhesive bra in the right size. Indeed, if your lingerie is too big, it will not provide good support. In the case of a model that is too small, the breasts will be too crowded, which will give an unsightly effect. Just like the classic pieces, the adhesive bras are available in different sizes: from cup A to cup E. In order not to go wrong, it is advisable to always choose a size above your normal size for bras traditional. For example, if you wear a B cup bra every day, it is recommended to choose the adhesive C cup version.

The material of the bra

ideally, an adhesive bra should not let its folds show through the outside of a light little dress, a bustier, a halter top or a top with a large neckline. To flaunt a perfect look, it is recommended to choose a tight lingerie made of microfiber. This flexible and soft synthetic material adheres perfectly to the chest like a second skin. It is also very light while providing optimal comfort and effective support.

There are also models made of cotton which provides unparalleled comfort. Most of the time, cotton adhesive bras provide satin finish. They are soft and silky to the touch and leave a pleasant feeling of freshness on the skin.

The colour

In general, adhesive bras are available in silicone and then in the colors flesh and black. Thus, you must choose your bra according to the outfit with which you are going to wear it. In principle, black bras go with all clothes of all colors. If you choose a flesh-colored bra, prioritize the shades that are closest to your skin tone. This will give you a transparent effect.

The thickness

Most styles of pantyhose bras are thin. They only provide you with the thickness you need to provide good support and sufficient coverage. However, you can also choose the padded models that will make your breasts appear a little larger than usual.

The different types of adhesive bras

Instead of trying every bra on the market, it's easy to find the best model that best suits your needs by learning about the different styles of adhesive bras.

Push-up adhesive support

Without straps or back closures, the adhesive push-up support allows you to wear your tops with a sheer back or open back while freeing your shoulders and optimally supporting your chest with a push-up effect Front. Also, your breasts will appear closer together, which will give the illusion of a nice, well-developed cleavage.

The invisible adhesive bra

Completely invisible, it is the ideal bra model to wear without complex the most beautiful pieces of your wardrobe: open back dress, bustier, tank top, top with plunging neckline, etc. Like the first model, it also provides a push-up effect on the front. In addition, it conceals the nipples. The invisible adhesive bra is especially suitable for event outfits such as an evening dress or a wedding dress, because it not only guarantees optimal comfort, but all these dresses require a transparent maintenance.

The bandeau bra without underwire

If you are used to wearing clothes with a visible collar and are looking for a bra that guarantees a comfortable and safe support, this model is made for you. It is strapless and fully covers the breast areas while ensuring perfect support thanks to the adhesive attachment on the sides. Unlike the other models, this type of adhesive bra can be worn without problem on a daily basis since it does not cause irritation.

The plus size adhesive bra

The pantyhose bras specially adapted for women with large breasts give a minimizing effect. Thus, their cups are devoid of padding. They consist of an underwire and interlocking cups, providing comfortable support for the breasts. They also feature removable straps, giving you the choice of wrapping them around the neck or crossing them behind the back. In all cases, the bra offers a bare back effect. To guarantee the invisible effect of this type of bra, choose the seamless models.

The silicone adhesive bra

This type of self-adhesive lingerie is distinctive with its cups made from silicone gel. Devoid of headband and straps, it is both very light and comfortable to wear. The silicone adhesive bra is suitable for women, with large or small breasts, who want to have a look that is both discreet and natural by wearing necklines, off-the-shoulder outfits and see-through tops. It is also perfect for bikinis and evening dresses.

Tips for wearing an adhesive bra

Unlike regular bras, not everyone is supposed to know how to put on a sticky bra. To place this type of bra correctly, you have to go through a few steps.

Prepare the skin well

Before putting on self-adhesive lingerie, it is advisable to clean the skin well, so as to get rid of all its impurities. To do this, use lukewarm water and soap to clean the chest area. Then take care to dry the skin well with a clean towel. Avoid applying any lotion, cream or moisturizing oil, as all fatty substances prevent the bra from adhering well to the skin.

Putting on the bra

  • Before starting, it is necessary to loosen the lace or detach the clasp that connects the cups of the bra.
  • Next, turn the hollow face of the green cap outward and place it on the side of your breast.
  • Unroll the cup little by little until it covers the entire surface of your breast.
  • Do the same with the other cup for the other breast. It is still recommended to avoid repetitions so as not to alter the adhesion of the material to the skin
  • Once you have successfully placed the bra cups on your breasts, hold them firmly between the palms of your hands for a few minutes. In this way, the inner surface will effectively adhere to the skin
  • Then, tighten the lace like a corset or join the two parts of the bra with the clip.
  • You can adjust the tightness according to the results you want to achieve. The principle is such that the more you will tighten the knot, the more you will obtain a push-up effect.

Tips for washing an adhesive bra

The adhesive bra is very fragile lingerie. It is therefore essential to take care of it, especially with each cleaning. In addition, washing is the only way to preserve the adhesiveness of the bra. For the viscosity of the material to recover on its own, it is therefore advisable to wash your adhesive bra regularly.

The first thing to remember is never to put it in the washing machine or the dryer. Heat may alter its adhesive properties. Also, a self-adhesive bra can only be washed by hand.

To properly clean an adhesive bra, you must use lukewarm water and neutral pH soap that you will apply delicately to the entire surface of the bra. Rub each side with the palm of your hand in circular motions. In this way, all residues and fatty substances which may clog the adhesive surface will be completely eliminated. Then rinse your lingerie again with lukewarm water. Finish the operation by hanging the bra up and allowing it to air dry. Do not store it until it is completely dry.

It is important to never wring out an adhesive bra as this may distort it. It is also advisable to store in its original packaging. Alternatively, you can lean a thin film of plastic against the adhesive surface. In this way, it will be effectively protected against dust.

Using the adhesive bra: what to watch out for

It is because of its chemical composition that this type of bra can stick to the skin. Also, it is strongly recommended not to wear it daily in order to avoid the risk of skin inflammation. The ideal is to reserve your port for special occasions such as parties, events like weddings etc. Likewise, it is not recommended to wear it for more than 8 hours.

If you want to acquire a piece of lingerie that truly delivers on its promises, it is important to invest only in quality products. Also, beware of counterfeits or items sold at very cheap prices.

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