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Our selection of wheeled backpack

Wheeled backpack buying guide

Are you looking for a practical accessory that will make your child's daily life easier and accompany them throughout the school year? A backpack or satchel on wheels is an excellent choice. It allows him to carry all his school supplies (notebooks and pencil case) and even his laptop in two ways. Thanks to that telescopic handle, the child can either carry it on his back or pull it on its wheels as with a travel bag with wheels. You still have to choose a model suited to the tastes and needs of your child. In this file, discover all the buying advice and a selection of the best wheeled backpacks to help you make the choice.

Why choose a backpack with wheels

Summer vacation is almost over and back to school is fast approaching?Now is the time to prepare for that big day and buy the supplies.Like all parents, you want the start of the new school year, as well as your child's entire school year, to go smoothly.From the list of supplies you need to choose an essential item:the backpack.This will accompany the child throughout the year, or even for several years depending on its durability.He will use it every day to take his school stuff, carry it in the rain, snow or in hot weather.You should therefore not neglect the choice of your backpack.

It must meet several criteria aimed at comfort, aesthetics and practicality.Indeed, all school matters weigh more or less, particularly those of primary schoolchildren.The consequences on the health and well-being of the child must therefore be taken into consideration in order to guarantee correct physical development and avoid damage.If you are looking for an ergonomic solution to alleviate back pain caused by wearing a traditional satchel, a wheeled backpack is the way to go.Thanks to the telescopic handle and the wheels placed underneath, the child will be able to pull out his satchel instead of carrying it on his back when it is too loaded.This not only prevents back pain and spinal pain, but also possible growth problems.In addition, wheeled school bags are generally equipped with well padded shoulder straps to provide optimal comfort.

Choosing a backpack, however, can become a real headache, for parents and children alike. It depends mainly on their tastes, their morphology and their age. To choose the ideal wheeled backpack, consider its dimensions and weight. The number and size of the compartments and pockets, their type of closure, comfort at the back and shoulder straps, the strength and resistance of the satchel are also criteria to consider.

How to choose the best wheeled backpack?

School backpacks are plentiful on the market as you can see in this review. Nevertheless, the benchmarks below will make it easier for you to choose from a wide range in order to find the right backpack for your child.

Comfort and practicality

You need to have a clear idea of ??the load and the support system that might be right for your child. If you value maneuverability and are looking for a wheeled satchel that is as durable as a hiking backpack, always prefer a model with a retractable handle, a large main computer compartment and other practical compartments such as the side pockets. Also prefer a small comfortable children's backpack and light to prevent the weight of your little one's school items from weighing too much on their spine. Some models, like those offered in our selection, are ideal for storing school effects while preserving the shoulders and back of the wearer.

Manufacturing fabrics

Rolling backpacks naturally need to be a bit stiffer than regular school bags. Made from strong and durable fabrics, this type of backpack is so sturdy that it is often mistaken for travel bags. Manufacturers prefer fabric in Polyester, a material that perfectly withstands the test of time and wear, for its manufacture.

The waterproofness of the backpack

Obviously, a waterproof wheeled backpack is a must have for all schoolchildren. In order to provide better protection against humidity, you don't have to think of just multiple storage or a zippered compartment you imagine is waterproof. A good wheeled bag should indeed have a zipper, but that's not all. The fabric which constitutes it must be 100% waterproof, or at least semi-waterproof. Nylon is generally the choice of manufacturers, as can be seen on a computer backpack.


Just like capacity, sturdiness is an essential criterion to consider when purchasing a wheeled binder.The child will carry it around, open it, close it and sometimes mistreat it.Usually, a schoolboy puts a lot of things in his satchel.Result:the bag fails to hold until the end of the school year.In order to remedy this recurring problem, it is essential to choose a solid and resistant model.For this, the bottom of the backpack, which supports the weight of the supplies and which will be in contact with the ground all the time, must be reinforced.The seams and closures must also be of high quality and durable.It is also necessary to assess the quality of the casters to ensure better robustness during transport.

The materials

The backpack must have a sturdy frame. On most models on the market, few types of materials are used for this purpose. Steel, plastic and aluminum are the main ones.

Otherwise, an internal aluminum frame is a better option due to its light weight, whether your child prefers pulling or carrying on the back. This material is indeed lighter than steel. It also ensures better longevity compared to other materials. Also note that in case of rain, the backpack receives most of the water. It must therefore be waterproof or water-repellent in order to keep notebooks and pens dry.


For this criterion, the best is that you refer to the age of your child.A small school backpack works best for a little one in preschool.A large backpack is more suitable for a preteen, girl or boy.In principle, a 38cm high wheeled binder is ideal for students from 1st to 3rd grade, and a 41cm model for 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade.The number of supplies increases with the grade level.Also note that a child in elementary school brings almost all of his notebooks to school every day.When he returns to college, the number of notebooks and books to take away per day varies depending on the number of subjects taught during the day.This will allow him to need a little more room to store and transport all his classroom stuff.Remember that her backpack should also be wider than her shoulders.

The weight

The lighter the satchel, the easier it is to transport and use.To keep your child comfortable, make sure that the weight of their backpack does not exceed 1.5 kg when it is empty.Likewise, you must make sure that it is well suited to its morphology and age.According to specialists, the weight of a loaded backpack should be equivalent to 10 % of the child's weight at most.In other words, a 20 kg child's bag should not weigh more than 2 kg.A 6 to 7 kg binder greatly exceeds the standards.As a reminder, backpacks that are too heavy lead to back pain and can cause scoliosis in the long term.Namely, the models with wheels offer an even distribution of the weight on the back of the child.

However, it is difficult to find a backpack with wheels that is both sturdy and light. You must therefore consider the best possible option. To do this, avoid looking for a model by predetermining its weight. Always keep in mind that to make the comfortable bag, manufacturers may not be able to rely on lightness. In this sense, a comfortable, sturdy and durable wheeled schoolbag can be slightly heavy.

Compartments and pockets

A good backpack with wheels can accommodate and take all the necessary school items.You must therefore make sure that it has enough pockets and compartments to meet the daily needs of the child.A schoolchild does need space to properly store his notebooks and books in his bag.In general, school satchels have two large compartments, as well as an additional small pocket to put a snack for example.Some models offer additional storage, such as a pocket, to slip the child's personal belongings.It's up to you to see which model is the most practical.In fact, these pockets can be open, hook-and-loop or zipper.It's all about practicality and safety.


To ensure optimal visibility, school bags are sometimes fitted with reflective bands on the sides or on the shoulder straps. In this way, the child is easy to notice if he is walking at night, especially in winter. A significant asset for its security.

What shouldn't be overlooked when choosing a wheeled backpack?

Ergonomics and fit

A quality wheeled backpack should have adjustable shoulder straps so your child can adjust it as they see fit. Indeed, the issue of comfort should not be ignored, but rather sought. To do this, have a preference for models with padded shoulder straps, also called padded suspenders. This type of configuration considerably limits the strain on the shoulders.

In addition, the ventilation system must be intelligent to ensure better breathability of the fabric on the back. It should be well padded and perfectly adjusted so that your child does not feel too much the weight of his school things. Carried by the suspenders, the satchel puts pressure on the student's back and shoulders. This is why the bag must be padded or quilted, at the back and shoulder straps. The handle that allows it to be lifted must also be ergonomic and comfortable.

Style and pattern

The roller backpack has been riding the trend for several years. It is available in a multitude of colors and designs to match all tastes. The design of the bag is an essential criterion to take into account if you are looking for a model that will surely please your child. He will wear this accessory throughout the school year and it will complement his outfits every day. Therefore, it is essential to bet on an original backpack. The choice also depends on the look and style of the child. Just like the height, on this criterion, you must also think in relation to its age. In primary school, a motive Snow Queen or other Disney princesses goes very well for girls and a backpack with the effigy of Avengers or their favorite heroes will delight little boys. As for a tween's schoolbag in middle school, models wearing a pattern in several colors will give him great pleasure.

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