Top 10 Best Kid's Toilet Reducer 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Toilet Reducer For Children? We wrote this Special purchasing guide for Child's Toilet Reducer to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Kid's Toilet Reducer!

Our selection of toilet reducer for children

Children's toilet reducer buying guide

A child toilet reducer is a toilet training tool. This toilet bowl accessory is a kind of adjustable bezel which help your little one to defecate. It usually has the shape of a toilet seat, and most of the time, a padded seat that gives your child great comfort when they need to poop.

Toilet reducers for children are available for all needs. If you no longer want your little one to have to use the potty anymore, it is important that you know how to choose the best child toilet seat. Here is a list of criteria to consider when purchasing.


Whether it is a toilet booster or a toilet reducer, comfort is one of the most important criteria as far as it is in the field of childcare. The reason is that going to the bathroom should be experienced by your child as a time free from discomfort, both when it is time to pee and poo.

For example, to help your child settle in well, there are step models with a non-slip coating. The flap glass has a splash guard, which is very hygienic. A high backrest and armrests ensure a comfortable seat. The more comfortable your little one is, the easier it is for his intestines to move and in this case, to remove waste.

In other words, when choosing a toilet reducer for your little one, choose an ergonomic model that provides optimum comfort to help your child potty train faster.


Using the toilet is not something your child will easily digest, unlike a baby potty. The toilet seat already has a look that might not inspire confidence in it.

Fortunately, most child toilet reducers are designed so that you can attach them to part of the toilet bowl using a fixing hook. If it is not properly hooked, the seat may fall down the toilet. You must therefore ensure that the fixing system offers good stability.

Some reducers have a small step stool, which your child can use to climb into the toilet and place their feet when they pee. It also allows her to remove her panties to relieve herself and flush the toilet. Make sure that the step supplied with the gearbox you are interested in has rubber pads as a non-slip feet. Also make sure that the material is not just a thermoplastic which can flex at the slightest pressure.

The material

The material plays on strength, but also on ease of maintenance. A polypropylene child toilet reducer is generally sturdy and easy to clean. The majority of baby potties are made of strong plastic and are BPA free. But, there are wooden models. And ideally you choose the same material for the gearbox.


A toilet reducer accompanies the child to be clean and must therefore adapt to the anatomical shape of your buttocks. At the same time, he must not be completely out of his world. To do this, it is more educational and fun than it is patterned and well colored.

For example, you can find a Disney Baby toilet reducer in flashy or neutral colors (turquoise, purple, orchid pink, snow white, dark gray?). Some models have childish patterns (Frozen, Winnie the Pooh?).

In fact, if your child is just starting to potty train, it is advisable to opt for a seat with colors or patterns that are familiar to them.

The height of the toilet

If your toilet seat is high and your child's feet do not touch the floor when seated, you should purchase a toilet reducer with a stool or a small stepladder attached. The latter helps him get on more easily and pee poo without problem.


The major difference between a baby potty and a toilet reducer is undoubtedly in terms of transportability.

A potty can be placed anywhere in the house and available to your baby when he needs to defecate. A child toilet reducer should be installed on the toilet bowl, either permanently or when your child needs to pee or poop.

In this sense, toilet reducers are generally transportable. You can by the way use them for travel purposes. If transportability is a factor that you consider to be very important, then it would be best to choose a model that has an easy and quick to do and undo system.

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