How to take care of baby's skin in summer?

Baby's skin is extremely sensitive. It requires exceptional daily care, especially in summer because of ultraviolet rays and heat.

This is because a newborn's skin still produces very little melanin and is more prone to burns if it does not receive enough protection. But how to take care of baby's skin under these conditions? Find some essential products to nourish and protect baby's skin gently and deeply.

Organic sunscreen

The first product to favor to protect baby's skin during the summer season is sunscreen. As baby's skin is delicate and fragile, the choice of an organic care product is essential. There is indeed a wide range of organic sun products specially formulated for babies, that is, toddlers from birth to 3 years old. Those are certified organic milks, creams, gels or sun lotions, 100 natural and vegan %.

Organic sunscreen is particularly preferred for its creamy and soft texture which blends perfectly into baby's delicate skin, while protecting it effectively. Certain brands of natural cosmetics offer precisely this type of sun care.

The products offered are certified by Ecocert, Vegan Society and Qualité France, not to mention the fact that they generally correspond to the requirements of the Cosmébio label.

Each organic sunscreen offers a formula with plant extracts and vegetable oils. All it takes apply all over your body before, during and after any exposure to the sun.

Bath oil

For baby's fragile skin that tends to dry out in summer, it is advisable to use bath oil. It works by hydrating the dry and delicate skin of your child from birth. Opt for a hypoallergenic, natural and organic product for total respect for the skin. Just pour it into the bath water and make sure it is well diluted. The skin barrier is nourished and the hydrolipidic film restored. Thus, baby can face the different thermal variations with serenity.

Body milk

Body milk is to be applied to the whole baby's body after his bath to extra hydration of its skin and for additional protection against external aggressions, especially in summer. This type of nourishing product is essential and must be chosen organic.


The moisturizer is dedicated to baby's face. It protects the skin and makes it softer thanks to an oily texture. It is also applied after a bath.

Light clothes

In addition to essential care products for baby's skin during periods of high heat, the choice of clothing is also important. Know that the newborn Can not withstand the high and scorching summer temperatures.

Must therefore lighten her clothes as much as possible, without leaving your skin exposed UV rays. It is best to cover all of your skin by opting for a very light and breathable fabric.