Is it safe to use a fetal doppler on a baby?

One of the main causes of anxiety for mothers is not feeling the baby kick as often as they usually do.A few years ago, the only way to relieve this anxiety was to have the fetal heart rate checked by a specialist.But thanks to technology, mothers can now check their baby's heart rate at home and as often as they want.Hearing your unborn baby's heartbeat reassures you that all is well and gives you peace.There are many different types of fetal heart monitors on the market today, but are fetal dopplers safe for the baby?This article will cover the pros and cons of dopplers to help you make an informed decision.

What you need to know about fetal monitoring during pregnancy

How does a fetal doppler work?

Before making the decision to buy the best fetal heart blood pressure monitor for home use, it is important to first understand how it works.
Fetal dopplers are hand-held devices that pregnant women can use to listen to their baby's heart rate from the comfort of their own home.
These portable dopplers work on the basis of the Doppler effect that was developed by Christian Doppler in 1842. They send out short pulses of high-frequency ultrasonic waves that pass through your baby into the womb. In the uterus, the waves meet your baby's heartbeat, after which they are reflected back to the Doppler where the heartbeat is converted into sound. This sound is then amplified by the device and you begin to hear the heartbeat.
Scientifically, once the ultrasonic waves are reflected back to the device, the concept of the Doppler effect is used to calculate the frequency and wavelength shift, converting the signal into a heartbeat. To hear the heartbeat, fetal heart rate monitors come with headphones that you connect to hear the sound.
The fetal heartbeat dopplers have been approved for home use by the FDA because they employ low-emission ultrasound technology. This means that they are safe for the baby. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you purchase an FDA-approved fetal doppler for early pregnancy.
However, doctors argue that pregnant women should not use a prenatal heartbeat monitor without doctor's approval. They should also not be used as a substitute for a medical consultation.

Are fetal dopplers safe for daily use?

According to healthcare professionals, fetal doppler should not be used daily during early pregnancy. This is based on the fact that they use technology similar to ultrasound, which has not yet been proven to be safe or dangerous. So, to be safe, it is important to minimize the use of fetal Doppler every day.

When should I start home fetal heart monitoring?

Pregnancies are different and so are our bodies. Some expectant mothers may be able to hear their baby's heartbeat as early as week eight, while others may have to wait up to 14 weeks. Professionals therefore recommend starting to use a fetal heart rate Doppler at around 12 weeks.