Specialized teams to make life easier for people with disabilities

To promote the independence of people with disabilities, there are home helpers. These professionals allow many individuals to find a semblance of autonomy, which allows them to stay in their homes. According to INSEE, 1 in 5 French people have a disability. This still represents 12 million people. Among these individuals, 9.6 million encounter difficulties in daily life. To support them as they should, a home help and care service remains the best solution. 

Effective daily help

Today, more and more French people are recognized as having a disability, and these people must be helped with their daily activities. There are several forms of disability: visual, physical and / or intellectual impairment, hearing. This type of disability poses certain problems on a daily basis, whether for working, cleaning, carrying out administrative procedures, cooking, traveling, doing school homework, etc. People with disabilities want to live a normal and comfortable life, especially when they are at home. Therefore, to support them, it is possible to contact a home help service in Paris. Experienced professionals are able to support them in the various daily tasks. It will help them to flourish more. Many families have to care for a child or adult with a disability. This load can sometimes be heavy, tiring and stressful, both mentally and physically. With the right support, everyday life will become a little easier. 

Family life becomes easier

Whether it is an adult or a child, the experts will be the main players in making it live independently and in ideal conditions.They will make life easier for people with disabilities by taking care of classes, preparing and eating meals, taking medication, maintaining the house, helping with toilet and dressing, etc.Helping also helps to combat social isolation, which is far from negligible.Parents of children with disabilities can feel overwhelmed because between work, various activities, children's homework, household chores, medical appointments and more, they do not know where to turn.It is therefore very difficult to manage your daily life.By calling on specialized professionals, parents will benefit from effective support and a short break to enjoy their family life a little more.The child will be accompanied in the best possible way, both at home and at school, but also on outings.They will help him with washing, taking meals and taking medication, leisure time ... Whatever your needs, the home help agency will study your request carefully in order to find a personalized solution for you. 

Financial aid available

In order to allow families to benefit from home help, there are various financial aids to which they can claim under certain conditions. The State or the Departmental Council can therefore finance this support reserved for disabled people. Here are the existing financial aids; 

  • the AAH, Allowance for Disabled Adults: this aid allows you to enjoy a minimum income for the expenses of daily living,
  • the MVA, Supplement for Independent Living: it complements the AAH and compensates for accommodation costs related to disability,
  • the PCH, Handicap Compensation Service: it offers the possibility of meeting expenses incurred due to the loss of autonomy. Thanks to this help, it is possible to adapt the accommodation or the vehicle, hire a person ...
  • the AEEH, the Disabled Child's Education Allowance: the latter covers expenses incurred for education and care for children with disabilities.

You should know that it is possible to benefit from 50 % tax reduction or tax credit on expenses incurred with the home help agency. Check with the latter to find out what help you can benefit from depending on the situation.