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Difficult to make a choice for your new Electric Swing? We wrote this Special Electric Swing Buying Guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Electric Swing!

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Electric swing buying guide

Are you a happy new parent looking for the best way to rock and soothe baby? The electric swing is for you. This childcare equipment is essential to install baby safely while going about your business. There are a multitude of references on trade but all are not necessarily equal. Comfort, safety, size, or even accessories are all criteria to consider in order to find the model that best meets your needs. If you want buy the best electric swing on the market, here's a buying guide to help you:

The usefulness of an electric swing

Certainly, a baby needs the arms of his parents to receive all the love and tenderness he needs during his first months. However, it is also essential for its proper development that it can have a place where it can be placed safely. The baby swing is precisely a device that allows him to flourish while being gently rocked.

The baby swing is the childcare accessory indicated so baby can lie down while still allowing you to keep one eye on him. They can take a nap or stay awake anywhere as long as the device is easy to move. Baby can follow you around the house as you go about your business. He can observe the world around him and his family members to stay close to them at all times.

In addition to this practicality, the major advantage of an electric swing is the fact that it performs movements to rock the infant. The latter then benefits from gentle rockings identical to that provided by your arms to soothe or put your child to sleep. Baby stay calm and you won't have to waste time trying to fall asleep; the swing takes care of it for you. This not only saves time, but also an effective way to calm baby.

The swing, thanks to the many accessories that can be fitted, also helps baby wake up. In fact, hanging toys or even melodies help stimulate your newborn baby.

The criteria for choosing an electric swing

The models of electric swing that are on the market vary so much that it is not at all easy to find your way around. To make the best choice, it is necessary to carry out a comparison while carefully examining the essential characteristics to be taken into consideration.


Electric swings are available in many different sizes and shapes. If you plan to move the device on a regular basis, opt for a compact reference, which is also light. The weight must therefore be checked at the same time. The choice of size also depends on the height of your baby. A product test is recommended before any purchase; to do this, you have to put your little one in the dedicated slot. Finally, there are foldable electric swing models with carrying handles for those who travel often.


Comfort of your newborn baby matters a lot. If you buy this type of childcare equipment, it is above all to make your child feel as comfortable as possible. So, remember to check for the presence of padding. A reducer is also useful especially for a newborn in order to properly wedge it, but also a head support like a cushion. Preferably, prefer models with a cover to facilitate maintenance.

In addition, the seat must be tiltable to allow multiple positions. The adjustable incline is essential for baby's comfort. At least two positions should be favored: one for awakening moments and the other for sleeping moments. Remember to find out about the types of tilt possible on the baby swing.

Always to optimize the comfort of baby in his swing, check one last important point: the presence of soft padding at the level of the safety harnesses to avoid the risk of injury.


This criterion is extremely important when choosing this type of equipment. It must comply with European standards and be guaranteed by the CE label. If the childcare equipment that appealed to you does not meet these standards, it is advisable to go your way.

Regarding the use of the electric swing, the infant must absolutely be maintained by a seatbelt. Be careful, however, that the harness does not interfere with the baby's gestures and movements. Preferably, opt for a 5-point model so that your cherubs are perfectly maintained.

Also for safety reasons, choose an electric swing model whose base ensures perfect stability. Indeed, during rocking, baby must not waver.

Operating mode

The advantage of an electric swing is that the swings are done automatically. However, opt for a model whose movements are smooth and regular. Many models offer to reproduce the same cradles of the arms or the vibrations of a car trip because it is known that this easily puts children to sleep.

All kinds of adjustments (speeds, inclinations, etc.) must be made from a remote control delivered with the device to allow remote control. This is more practical so as not to disturb baby in his sleep with the manipulations on the swing.

The musical option is recommended to optimize the feeling of softness given to your baby. The choice of sounds varies from model to model. Either way, they should be soothing.

Feeding method

Electric swings can operate either with batteries, or via mains connection, or both modes of supply at the same time. For home use, mains power is preferred; you are not likely to run out of sway. On the other hand, for outdoor trips, the use of batteries is convenient.

The accessories

Accessories are essential for stimulating baby's senses and awakening when he is not sleeping. It is for this reason that many models have a play arch. Then he can have fun while you go about your business. There is no risk of him getting bored and having bouts of crying.

As another useful accessory, the soft top can help in some cases, although it is not always essential that it is present.

The advantages of the electric swing

The electric swing has many advantages, and for parents, and for children.

The advantages of the swing for parents

For parents, the swing represents a considerable time saving. With the device's rocking, baby can fall asleep on it without you having to rock it yourself. Also, since the device is mobile, you can keep an eye on your cherub wherever you are. You can also be sure that your child is safe and comfortable. You can then fall asleep peacefully while he is asleep or go about your daily tasks in peace.

Since the swing allows the infant to be placed at a height, it is convenient to place it in or out of it. You won't have to bend your back every time, which will prevent back pain or joint pain of all kinds. The device is therefore ideal for mothers who have just given birth whose bodies are still fragile.

The advantages of the swing for children

Thanks to the electric swing, the child is not only comfortably installed, but in addition, he is soothed and rocked. The device thus has more advantages than a simple deckchair or bassinet. As the movements performed by the device give him the same sensations as the vibrations and the swaying in his mother's womb, he will experience a great sense of well-being and comfort.

By being soothed and comfortable, baby can easily fall asleep. He will have a deep, restful sleep, which is great for his development. And even when baby is awake, he is stimulated with mobile toys and is not at risk of getting bored.

Baby will also be able to spend time with you, even when he is installed in his swing, which will allow you to form a strong bond. He can also change his point of view each time since you can take him everywhere in the rooms of the house, in the garden or elsewhere.

The electric swing can also help baby cope better with the various crises common in infants such as colic, reflux, teething, etc. The cradles and the feeling of comfort may succeed in soothing him as if he were in your arms.

Thanks to the hanging toys, the swing allows baby to develop his psychomotor abilities, in particular his fine motor skills as he will fidget while trying to grab objects. This type of accessory also helps stimulate your eyesight thanks to the colors and patterns of the toys. It turns out that the electric swing has the combined advantages of a deckchair and a play mat at the same time.

The operation of an electric swing

The electric swing probably has many advantages. However, to benefit from it, it is essential that you understand its operation. How can I make sure I use the device properly?

Discover the electric swing

You have surely heard a lot of good things about the electric swing to buy it. But do you really know what the device is capable of doing? It is essential that you know the details of its operation. To know all the features and precautions for using the equipment, it is essential that you read the user manual. You can also read many practical tips to facilitate the handling of the baby swing.

Install baby

Once the swing set is up and you are familiar with how to use it in general, you can now place your child in it. To do this, start by finding the best position to place your head and body. When putting it on, make sure it is erect so that it feels comfortable and secure. It is important to know that when your baby is incorrectly positioned in a swing, it can be dangerous for him.

Attach the harnesses

Once your baby is properly installed, you must not forget to secure it. To do this, you need to fasten the seat belt so that your child is well supported. Safety is important to prevent baby from slipping or falling to the ground. Be careful, however, not to tighten his body too tightly so that he feels completely at ease. Once the harnesses are connected, do a final check of baby's position and each binding.

Get closer to baby

The advantage of having an electric swing is being able to get closer to your baby while having your hands free to go about your daily activities. So, don’t hesitate to take the device with baby in it with you wherever you are and whatever you are doing, whether in the kitchen, bedroom, shower or even the garden. When baby sees you, he or she won't feel apart and on top of that, he'll feel like he's being cradled by you by being so close. To facilitate this rapprochement with baby, be sure to choose a transportable or even foldable model.

Take advantage of the other functions of the electric swing

In addition to being used to rock an infant, a swing is an evolutive childcare accessory that can fulfill several tasks. Indeed, the device can serve and support the child during his growth. He can sit there, sleep there, or play there. For example, you can use it as a seat to give him his meal. If you choose the best model of electric swing, it can be used by all your children without ever wearing out or by other children around you when yours are no longer using it.

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