How to relieve bloating?

Constipation, smoking, aerophagia, lactose intolerance, menstruation, poor diet, antibiotic treatment, stress and anxiety, etc. are all situations that cause unpleasant bloating. They are usually accompanied by gas, belching and stomach pain. Fortunately, there are solutions to relieve this digestive disorder. All the details in this article.

Foods to avoid

There are a number of foods that cause bloating. However, since digestion differs from one individual to another, it is advisable to carefully observe your condition after eating these different foods:

  • Legumes like peas, beans, lentils, etc.
  • Starches like pasta, potatoes, etc.
  • Cabbage
  • Dishes too fatty and too generous
  • Too sweet desserts
  • The mushrooms
  • The onions
  • Chewing gum

If your belly is bloating, followed by abdominal cramps, you have an intolerance. For immediate relief, use a rechargeable electric hot water bottle that you will place on your abdomen. The long-term solution would be to minimize the consumption of foods that cause abdominal bloating with spasms.

Take the time to chew food well

Eating too fast makes you swallow a lot of air, resulting in a swollen belly. To avoid bloating, it is advisable to chew well each year with each meal. In fact, chewing activates the production of saliva which, in turn, optimizes digestion. In addition, it is advisable to eat in small portions. For example, eat your dessert as an afternoon snack, or halve the amount of the main course if you had a starter. 

Choosing the right drinks

Don't be surprised if you have a bloated stomach if you are used to drinking carbonated drinks like sodas and other sparkling waters. Choose unsweetened teas if you don't like the tasteless taste of still water. Some people are also intolerant of the lactose found in milk and other dairy products. Also, avoid drinking it. 

It is also recommended to drink as little as possible during meals. Food will absorb the water and thus make your belly swell.

Natural solutions to fight against bloating

Also, it is about adopting a healthier lifestyle to avoid bloating. However, there are natural remedies that will help you relieve them. You can for example prepare herbal teas. Indeed, some plants have digestive properties and help limit the formation of intestinal gas. Fennel, chamomile and star anise are some of them.

To relieve bloating, you can also prepare tea made with fresh ginger. To sweeten it, use honey. You can also replace ginger with turmeric. In addition, this root has antioxidant properties that will fight against free radicals as well as premature aging of cells. You can also add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your tea.