Top 10 Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Electric Toothbrush For Children? We wrote this Special Buying Guide Electric Toothbrush For Children to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Electric Toothbrush For Kids!

Our selection of electric toothbrush for children

Children's electric toothbrush buying guide

Brushing your children's teeth regularly is the best protection against cavities for them. Learning good oral hygiene manners can be done from an early age, first by doing it for them, then little by little they will know how to do it on their own. To make this moment fun and integrate this routine into their daily lives, there is nothing like an electric toothbrush. In this file, you will find the best advice for choosing the best electric toothbrush that exists on the market but also the one that best suits the needs of your children.

Starting at what age ?

Dentists agree that a children's electric toothbrush is recommended from 5 years to brush your teeth. It is only at this age that the child has enough control over his movements to use the device correctly. It is advisable to teach him the operation of the electric toothbrush:

  • Put a dab of toothpaste in the center of the electric brush.
  • Hold the brush firmly in your hand so that the brush heads are perpendicular to the teeth.
  • Begin brushing your teeth, counting about two minutes of brushing, starting from the bottom up. A timer often allows you to find your way in time.
  • Rinse your mouth well.

What are the advantages ?

The electric toothbrush for children offers many advantages. It contributes to better dental hygiene by being more effective against the formation of dental plaque and in the prevention of cavities. But in addition, electric toothbrushes make it more fun to brush your teeth than with a manual toothbrush, which helps to establish brushing habits. Some models have light or music in addition to cartoon illustrations or pretty patterns that appeal to toddlers. Getting started with the children's electric toothbrush is easy; brushing your teeth is done by itself. For efficient brushing, models equipped with a timer allow you to control brushing time.

What are the purchasing criteria?

A comparison allows you to find the best model of electric toothbrush for children. It is about distinguishing the different technical characteristics to consider to make a purchase tailored to your needs.

The head and size of the brush heads

Whether for a manual or an electric brush, the choice of head matters as it is the part that performs the function of the device. The brush head is the one that accommodates the brush heads and which, on an electric model, will perform rotary movements for cleaning the teeth. For children, a round head is suitable to adapt to the size of their mouth. As for the bristles of the brushes, it is advisable to do a test to check that they are flexible and soft. This helps prevent irritating the gums.


You also need an ergonomic model, that is to say one that is manageable. This feature relates to the sleeve which should easily fit in the child's hand.

The indicators

While the indicators are not systematic on all electric toothbrushes for children, their presence is a plus on the product. A timer helps optimize tooth brushing and instill good habits in the child. Indeed, a vibration or a beep is triggered when it is time to change sides and when it is time to rinse your mouth.


This selection criterion is essential for children who prefer to use a colored and patterned toothbrush. At Oral B, for example, Disney characters are in the spotlight; at Philips, electric toothbrushes for children have interchangeable stickers. In short, a fun device helps to facilitate the assimilation of hygiene habits.

Noises and vibrations

To operate, the rotating electric toothbrush generates noise and vibration. For the sake of comfort, it is better to opt for a quiet model.

Feeding method

An electric toothbrush can be battery operated or rechargeable.

  • Rechargeable electric toothbrush for children comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. Its battery life varies from brand to brand and can range from a few days to weeks.
  • The electric battery-operated toothbrush for children works with batteries as its name suggests. Some models allow you to change the brush head. However, be aware that once the bristles are worn out, the device is fully disposable.

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