All about organic e-liquid for electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette has been in vogue for a few years now. It has continued to experience developments, especially with regard to its e-liquid. The goal being to ensure safe vaping for users, manufacturers now offer organic e-liquid models for e-cigarettes. What should I know on the subject? Here are some answers.

Is an organic e-liquid a natural product?

You should know that a product is said to be organic when it contains 100 % of natural components, including at least 90 % of components from organic farming certified BIO by the Ecocert organization. If an e-liquid is said to be organic, it is because it necessarily meets these criteria. By obtaining a electronic cigarette at cigaretteelec, you can enjoy safe vaping by choosing a liquid model of natural composition.

But what does electronic cigarette liquid contain? As a reminder, this product is based on propylene glycol or PG and vegetable glycerin or VG, the rates of which vary. In addition, there are also aromas and sometimes nicotine. In some formulas, there may even be flavor enhancers, water and alcohol.

  • Propylene glycol or PG is an ingredient that serves as the basis of e-liquid. It comes from petrochemicals and is by no means natural. To meet the conditions of an organic e-liquid, manufacturers do not use it. They thus opt for a model composed only of vegetable glycerin. Other manufacturers also choose a substitute for the product that is vegetable, such as vegetable monopropylene glycol or MPGV, but also vegetol.
  • Vegetable glycerin is made from vegetable oils. It is thus a completely natural ingredient.
  • The aromas that make up an e-liquid are natural or food. They therefore come from plant ingredients (melon, coconut, peanuts, mango, eucalyptus, green apple, hazelnut, mint, red fruits, etc.). However, for some synthetic flavors, the components are chemical. These e-liquids do not fall into the organic category.
  • nicotine is a substance extracted from tobacco leaf. However, the process used to do this is chemical. In addition, this product is harmful, which does not make it an all-natural element.

Are the components of an organic e-liquid from organic farming?

For an e-liquid to be certified organic, at least 90 % of its ingredients must be from organic farming.

  • If an e-liquid contains propylene glycol, it is by no means an organic model. Even if the mention BIO is on the product, the vapoteur must always check the composition in order not to be a victim of deception.
  • Plant substitutes for propylene glycol can be natural. However, if they are not grown according to organic farming specifications, the e-liquid cannot achieve ORGANIC certification.
  • Vegetable glycerin is also natural, but not necessarily organic. Make sure that the ingredient is actually certified organic.
  • If the raw materials used to develop the aromas of your e-liquid are from organic farming, they can benefit from the organic designation.
  • If the e-liquid in your e-cig contains alcohol, check that it is of certified organic origin.
  • Finally, nicotine cannot enjoy organic certification due to a chemical extraction process.

In conclusion, if the e-liquid is devoid of PG and nicotine, if the rest of the ingredients are from theOrganic Agriculture, it is eligible BIO.