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The umbrella bed is a childcare accessory offering optimal support to the baby during his sleep. It comes with a box spring next to a thin mattress. It is therefore essential to provide a suitable additional layer to ensure baby has pleasant nights throughout his development. If you are looking for a mattress for your toddler's travel cot, nothing should be left to chance for his comfort and safety. Size, density, material, etc., find through this guide everything you need to know to make the best choice.

What is a travel cot?

Also called extra bed, travel cot or folding bed, the travel cot serves as a sleeping place for children under 3 years old, or for children weighing less than 15 kg. Unlike the cradle, it is very light. It can therefore be transported anywhere: to the office with the mother, to the nursery or to the nanny. In addition, most models are equipped with casters. It guarantees baby's comfort wherever he is: at the picnic, at the hotel, etc. Parents no longer have to worry about their baby. In addition, this portable bed provides baby safety while sleeping. Indeed, most models are equipped with locking devices.

Even though a travel cot can be dismantled, it is made of a strong and reliable material. In addition, its assembly does not require the intervention of a professional. If the travel cot is so popular, it is also for its very space-saving appearance. It easily finds its place in the car when traveling. Some models even come with a storage bag as well as a storage bag for accessories. Finally, the travel cot is within the reach of all budgets with all the benefits they offer.

Why buy a mattress for a travel cot?

You are right to ask yourself the question "why buy an extra layer when you already have a bed supplied with its own mattress?". Yes, the travel cot is sold with a mattress which is attached to the box spring with hook and loop fasteners, but which is very thin and very lightly padded. And since every parent should be concerned about the well-being and comfort of their baby, this is why it is important to buy a second mattress. For the good of the latter, it is essential to assure him a correct posture while sleeping. For this, its spine must be well maintained.

If the original mattress can be suitable for the baby during the first months of his life, he will not be after this age as he will start to gain weight. Additional thickness will only give it comfort and more safety. This type of mattress can also be easily rearranged when not in use.

What criteria should be used to buy a mattress for a travel cot?

To avoid having to test all the models of travel bed mattresses on the market, these few tips will allow you to establish a comparison that will make your choice easier.

The thickness and density of the mattress

It is good to know that not all crib mattresses are suitable for travel cot mattresses. If you choose a dense mattress, it should not be too soft at risk. His little head may sink into it and it will also be difficult for him to turn around. The mattress must be sufficiently comfortable and firm to ensure the maintenance of the baby. By sleeping on a mattress that is too soft, the baby may also feel the slats of the box spring. Also avoid a mattress that is too thick, which can be cumbersome when traveling. Ideally, a portable bed mattress should be about ten centimeters thick to give babies the comfort and well-being they need. The density should be between 20 to 22 kg / m3

Mattress size

The size of the mattress is a very important selection criterion. If the mattress is too big, it may not fit in the bed. Otherwise it will simply create bumps that will make the bed uncomfortable, even dangerous for baby. The result will be the same if the mattress is too small. It is therefore essential to make sure that the dimensions of the mattress fit well within the frame of the extra bed. The standard models are 60 cm x 120 cm. However, there are also mattresses measuring 75cm x 33cm or 90cm x 90cm. Do not hesitate to take the bed measurements before going to the store.

Filling materials

It is essential to make sure that the filling material of the mattress does not cause allergy in the baby and also free of toxic products. Zoom in on the materials that represent the least danger for children.

  • The foam

    Foam is one of the most popular fillers on the market. It is light and soft, which guarantees quality sleep for baby. In addition, foam mattresses remain impeccable for many years. One of its biggest advantages: its relatively affordable price. You will also find on the market mattresses treated against the formation of fungi and dust mites.

  • Tencel

    Tencel is a healthy material made from wood pulp. Tencel mattresses are especially recommended for children who sweat excessively while sleeping. Plus, they have the ability to retain heat in the winter and stay cool in the summer.

  • Natural latex

    Coming from rubber trees, natural latex has thermoregulatory properties. It therefore ensures baby's comfort all year round while repelling bacteria. In addition, it provides support for the baby and does not interfere with his nocturnal movements.

  • Sheep's wool

    If you prefer natural materials, sheep's wool is a good choice. It has excellent insulating and thermoregulatory properties. A woolen mattress is pleasant for a child. It promotes falling asleep and ensures quality sleep.

  • Coconut fiber

    The coconut fiber mattress is ecological. It also has breathable properties, constituting an important quality for sleeping babies. In addition, this type of mattress is hypoallergenic.

  • Synthetic materials

    There are also mattresses stuffed with synthetic materials that remain safe for toddlers. These include polyester, polyurethane and viscoelastic. If possible, choose the mattresses antibacterial and antifungal treatments.

The cover

To make your daily life easier, it is best to make sure that the mattress cover is washable in the washing machine. Also make sure it is silky and soft in contact with the baby's skin. When the one moves in his small bed, the cover must remain silent. Also favor breathable fabrics.

The handling of the mattress

Typically, a portable bed weighs between 4-11 kg. The load becomes important, if you add to that the weight of the mattress. So be sure to choose a mattress that folds and unfolds easily, a mattress that easily finds its place in the trunk of your car.

Ease of maintenance

A children's mattress gets dirty easily and quickly. Also, a wipe of a wet cloth will not be enough to clean it. Before buying a model, make sure that it is easily removable and that the cover is machine-safe.

The different types of cot mattresses

To minimize the risk of suffocation, it is strongly recommended not to buy a regular mattress. You have the choice between three types of mattresses specially adapted for travel beds.

The fixed mattress

This type of mattress is placed at the bottom of the bed and remains stationary even if the child moves a lot while sleeping. To optimize the safety of the baby, parents can use fastening systems. These will also minimize the risk of the mattress curling and will also promote baby's comfort. The fastening system can be either Velcro straps attached between the mattress and the box spring, or straps to be inserted in a slot. In all cases, it must be well fixed to ensure the baby safety.

The folding mattress

For parents who are used to travel regularly, this model remains the best choice, because it is easy to transport. However, when folded, the fitted sheets will wrinkle, which will cause the mattress surface to be uneven and unstable. Because of its folding feature, this type of mattress is also less rigid. Also, to prevent the baby from slipping between the mattress and the bed during his nap, be sure to line the mattress with sheets.

The inflatable mattress

As a last choice, you have the inflatable mattress, very popular for its side practical and economical. In addition, it offers a better level of comfort to the child thanks to its considerable thickness. In addition, the inflatable mattress is easy to install in the travel cot. You just need to inflate it and then place it at the bottom of the bed. For more convenience, choose a model equipped with a self-inflating system. In addition, the mattress will be very compact once deflated. Even light, it will perfectly support the weight of a child. Its weight also means that it can be carried anywhere. In addition, it is also versatile as it can be placed directly on the floor and serve as an extra bed.

How to use a travel cot mattress?

If you are one of those parents who take their baby to work or do chores around the house while looking after their child, the travel cot can become essential equipment in your daily life. It can be carried anywhere and stored easily. If you have just purchased an extra bed and a suitable mattress, learn how to optimize their daily use.

Find the right place for the bed

Whether you want to use the extra bed as a sleeping place for your baby or as a simple play mat, know that it can be placed anywhere in the rooms of the house: in the kitchen, in the bedroom , without the living room, etc. Just be sure to choose a location that is free from direct sunlight and away from windows. Your baby asleep or sitting on his mattress just needs to be in your field of vision. Remember to put the cot on a completely flat floor surface so that it stays stable in case your toddler moves around a lot. If the mattress serves as play mat during the day, it is recommended to surround it with cushions or pillows to keep your baby safe.

Do not deform the mattress

If you have purchased a foldable mattress, it is advisable not to fold it more than three to try to save more space in the trunk or closet. You may damage and wear it out quickly. It is also advisable not to roll it or compact it.

Learn how to properly install the mattress

Before placing the mattress on the travel cot, it is always more practical to put on the cover first. Before putting on the mattress, you can also put on a mattress protector. This will prevent your baby from feeling cold when he starts pushing back his blanket while he sleeps. As a reminder, we must always remove the mattress before disassemble the bed. When you put it on, the installation of the mattress comes next.

Mattress maintenance: good reflexes

Although most travel cot mattress covers are machine washable, it is still recommended that you check the label for incorrect wash temperature. For remove a urine stain, just run a few pinches of baking soda on the stain. Then get rid of the residue using a small brush or a hand vacuum.

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