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There is nothing more unsightly than having dead skin, corns and calluses on the feet, and yet it can happen to anyone. This is because the skin of the feet tends to thicken when it is often in friction with the ground or the walls of the shoes. It then dries up and cracks or forms white patches on the soles of the feet or toes. If this is your case, take the best method to deal with it: the foot rasp. It is easy to use and is quite effective for having hygienic and aesthetic feet at the same time. However, to benefit from it, it is necessary to carry out a comparison of the best references that exist on the market based on certain specific criteria: power supply, tightness, or even design, etc. In this buying guide, you will find all the information you need to choose the best pedicure rasp for your needs.


A foot rasp is a beauty device used to scrub the skin of the feet and remove dead skin, calluses, corns or other damaged parts of the feet. It can come in different forms and models depending on the needs and means of each, from the most classic and basic to the most sophisticated. In all cases, the accessory has a handle to make it easier to handle and a head that serves as a grater thanks to the grains that are there. Depending on the model chosen, you can adjust the type of grain, the power or the speed depending on the type of skin to be treated.


Having a pedicure rasp at your disposal allows you to have pretty feet with soft, smooth skin when used on a regular basis. However, to get these results you need to know the operation of the accessory. How to use this beauty tool dedicated to the feet optimally?

Have clean and dry feet

Before even taking the beauty device in hand, remember to wash your feet first to keep them clean. To optimize the effectiveness of the foot rasp, use lukewarm water to do this. Then proceed to drying the feet in the open air or with a towel.

Adjust the device

Once your feet are clean and dry, take your pedicure rasp and adjust it according to the condition of the area to be treated. To remove dead cells and smooth the skin, a normal grain is suitable, as well as the first gear. On the other hand, when the part to be treated is rough and thick, opt for a thick grain, with a higher speed.

Apply the pedicure rasp

Apply the accessory gently to the area to be treated. For a manual rasp, run it up and down until the results are visible. With an electric rasp you need to descend on the area. Be careful not to insist too much on each part to be treated at the risk of damaging your skin. Each area of ??the skin should not be treated for more than 10 seconds.

Finish the treatment

As soon as each part of your feet has been treated with a pedicure rasp, you can move on to the finish. Start by rinsing your feet with cool water to get rid of the residue. Then, to enhance the effects of the device, perform a foot bath. Thus, the skin has a better texture and you can at the same time relax them. Finish by wiping your feet well to hydrate them with a suitable cream. It should be noted that the skin of the feet, like that of the rest of the body, must benefit from regular hydration for better health and a better appearance.

Clean the roller

At the end of each pedicure using a rasp, do not forget to clean the roller. Just run it under water, making sure all residue is gone. Then let it air dry and you're done.


The rasp pedicure device offers many advantages that should not be overlooked.

  • With this small device the size of a remote control, you can bring treatments worthy of a beauty institute at your feet. The foot rasp allows you to perform a home pedicure in no time with excellent results if you choose the best model.
  • Precisely, one of the major advantages of the pedicure rasp is the fact that it offers impeccable rendering. It eliminates all forms of disgrace in your feet, from rough skin to dead skin, including calluses, cracks, plaques, etc. The result is soft, smooth, even and perfectly healthy skin.
  • The foot rasp, by the movements you make when applying it, also ensures a gentle foot massage. They are relaxed and so is your body.
  • The ergonomics of the device is advantageous insofar as the grip is comfortable and accessible to everyone. Using the pedicure rasp is thus a real moment of pleasure.
  • Finally, despite its small size, the device is versatile thanks to its various accessories. These can be rollers or tips to be interchanged depending on the area of ??skin to be treated, brush, nail clippers, files or even a carrying case, etc.

Different kinds of foot rasp

The trade is full of different models of pedicure rasp, from the most basic models to the most elaborate. In general, you will find three distinct categories of foot rasp, each with their own characteristics:

The manual foot rasp

The manual foot rasp is the most classic model that exists on the market. It has an abrasive head which can be flat with one or two sides or in roll form. To apply it, you have to make a back and forth movement in the areas to be treated. The manual pedicure rasp is robust and durable over the long term. It's also easy to carry in a purse or suitcase so you can use it anywhere. On the other hand, to get rid of dead skin and calluses or corns, you should put in a little more effort and take a little more of your time.

The electric foot rasp

The electric foot rasp is more practical to use insofar as the sanding movements are done automatically. Simply turn on the device and apply it to the area to be treated for the roller to perform rotating movements. You then spend less effort with equally satisfying results. However, you will need to regularly buy new batteries or recharge the battery to keep the device functional.

The multifunctional foot rasp

The multifunctional foot rasp is also known as a manicure and pedicure set. This product includes both a pedicure rasp but also a manicure device, a razor, an epilator or even a clipper for complete care of the hands and feet. The accessories included in the set vary from model to model. In any case, with a multifunction grater, you can treat yourself to complete beauty treatments while staying at home.

Choice criteria

To buy the right model of foot rasp, it is important to define your needs. Then, you can adapt these to the various selection criteria in line with the following technical characteristics of the device:


If your choice is a manual foot grater, it does not require any feeding mode. All you will need is your own energy. However, when you opt for an electric grater model, you will have to choose between batteries or the battery as the means of operating the device.

Models that work with batteries are most often entry-level and mid-range. They are practical because you can take them everywhere but are not very economical. Indeed, you have to buy and change the batteries each time to make them work.

Rechargeable battery models are of better quality. They'll last longer and you won't have to spend extra on batteries. In addition, most models have a decent charging time. An electric foot grater that works with a rechargeable battery is suitable for home use.

The material

The material used in the composition of the foot rasp can be a decisive criterion because it has a direct impact on the efficiency of the device. There are thus several materials that can be used on a pedicure rasp.

Stone is the oldest material used for grating feet. It is grainy in nature and thus offers effective sanding of the skin even if it takes a little time to get rid of imperfections.

stainless steel is also a popular material to compose a foot rasp for its durability. It ensures a good exfoliation of the skin and thus succeeds in eliminating dead skin effectively. Stainless steel is mostly found on razor-type models.

The grain or diamond is the one found on the majority of pedicure rasp models. It is very effective for treating the skin of the feet as a whole, whether it is for smoothing, erasing, removing calluses, or treating corns. It all depends on the type of grain to be used: soft grain, micro grain, grosgrain.


Water resistance is an essential practical criterion when purchasing a foot rasp. Since this is a device to be used most often in the shower or in a damp place, it is best to buy a model that does not wear out in contact with water. It will also be easier to clean the device if it is waterproof. This criterion mainly concerns the purchase of an electric model.


It is necessary to inquire about the compatibility of the pedicure rasp with the roller models sold on the market. Indeed, in case of wear, it is more convenient to be able to buy new rollers so that the beauty tool remains functional.

Ergonomics and design

Remember to perform a test of the device to check its ergonomics before purchasing it. Indeed, it is important that the grater is easy to handle for comfortable daily use. Make sure the shape, size and especially the weight of the device is right for you.

It is often easier to use a flat-shaped foot rasp model so that it can be applied in both directions. If you opt for roller models, choose them as wide as possible so that foot care is done faster.

The accessories

Also choose a model of pedicure rasp with the right accessories. The nature and number of these vary from one model to another. Your choice will therefore be on those that best suit your needs.

If you want to use your foot rasp for as long as possible, you should definitely think about choosing a model with as many spare rollers as possible that come with the device. This type of accessory is only for electric models. Manual graters are mostly disposable.

Some models come with end caps. They are to be used to take care of your nails. There may be several kinds of tips, each with their own specificities. It's up to you to decide if they will serve you.

In addition to the spare accessories, also see if you will need brushes for the effective cleaning of your feet, nail clippers, cuticle cutters, files, or also a storage bag to complement your foot rasp.

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