Health procedures to take before you leave on vacation

Your next vacation will be in France or abroad. You want to be well covered against all possible health risks during your stay. In this article, discover the essential steps to ensure that your holidays in France, abroad or in the European Union do not turn into a nightmare.

The health approach for a trip to France

The health process will be the same as in your usual place of life. Whether you are in the South, North, West or East of France, you will be covered by the health insurance and mutual insurance you have. To avoid surprises, 2 precautions must be taken:

  • remember to always carry your vital card updated, to take full advantage of the classic reimbursement;
  • check that the health professional that you would have to consult during your stay ticks the "out of residence" box on your care sheet. This will allow you to be within the standards of coordinated care path.

Yes health procedures for his trip are done correctly, you will avoid the hassle and keep only good memories of your stay.

The health approach for a trip abroad

For a trip abroad outside the borders of Europe, the health approach should not be neglected. In some countries such as Canada, the United States or some Asian countries, medical costs are very expensive. Before your departure, make sure that the mutual insurance company you have subscribed to covers the costs of care that you will carry out in these countries. Also inquire about the cost of repatriation from abroad, as they can also be very expensive. You are also strongly advised to monitor the state of health of the country in order to avoid possible illnesses.

The health approach for a trip to the European Union

During a stay in the European Union, your health approach is essential. To fully benefit from coverage, you will need to be able to certify your rights to health insurance. For this, a request from the European Health Insurance Card (CEAM) must be made at your caisse, at least 15 days before your departure. If you are traveling as a family, each member must have their care card including for under 16s. The validity of this card is 2 years.

For a successful trip and to be able to bring home unforgettable memories, give yourself time to carry out these very important health steps.