How can you learn to better manage pain?

Pain is a feeling that each person reacts to in different ways. However, studies show that the more we focus on it, the more intensely we feel it. In addition, the longer it lasts, the stronger the sensation. It is therefore important to intervene when it arises to prevent it from reaching a chronic stage.

Analgesics are easy ways to relieve pain, but they are not without side effects. This is why it is necessary to learn to better manage pain by using alternative therapies. But which ones?

Use a psychopractor

A psychopractor is a professional psychologist who takes care of people wishing to get help to overcome a bad course: depression, anxieties, phobias, burnout, stress, chronic pain, etc. This is done during sessions, the number of which is limited, using brief therapy techniques such as hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming or the technique of eye movements. For that, it is enough to join a psychologist in Vichy if you live in the area.

To reduce the pain, the psychopractor can offer hypnosis which is quite effective, or the technique of eye movements for trauma. Hypnosis works on both the perception of pain and the sensation of pain. This is a concentration exercise in which the practitioner asks your subconscious to focus on a particular element in order to suppress other stimuli. In general, this technique works on everyone, especially in cases of mainly emotional pain. However, for increased effectiveness, the patient must be cooperative.

Use different relaxation techniques

There are many relaxation techniques. They all aim to gradually eliminate muscle tension for complete relaxation, whether mental or physical. This solution is especially effective for calm the pain generated or accentuated by anxiety and stress. Indeed, the latter reduce the pain threshold, increase the feeling of fatigue by increasing muscle tension, which further aggravates joint pain. A certified therapist should be used to learn the appropriate relaxation technique.

Practice massage

Massage is the oldest technique for combating pain. The effects of it are not the same depending on the type of massage, although it is usually an effective pain reliever. A massage can aim to relax muscles, promote blood circulation, produce a stimulus aimed at reducing pain, etc.. The massage also provides a restful effect which thus eliminates all forms of stress and fatigue. It can be used by anyone as long as it is practiced by a professional.

Do acupuncture

This technique considers pain to be a warning sign of poor energy flow in the body. This causes all kinds of malfunctions which can be solved by using fine needles placed at acupuncture points. These then stimulate the production of endorphins which are the hormones of pleasure. These natural analgesics effectively help reduce pain sensations.