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Difficult to make a choice for your new Extendable Garden Hose? We wrote this Special Buyer's Guide Extendable Garden Hose to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Expandable Garden Hose!

Our selection of extendable garden hose

Extendable garden hose buying guide

You love to garden and like to have practical tools available. Watering the garden can be done without restriction if you use a retractable water hose. If you do not have automatic watering, we suggest one of our expandable garden hoses from this review. This buying guide will answer your questions to find the best model to meet your needs.

What are the advantages of an extendable garden hose?

In the field of gardening, few professionals have in their tools an old PVC or polyethylene hose reinforced with polyester fiber.

If you drop by Brico Depot, you will only see extendable garden hoses. Its use has only advantages:

Easy to store

You have surely had this experience: storing a rigid PVC pipe is quite difficult. Taking into account the diameter and the general length which can reach 15 m, it is normal that you have difficulty finding a place for it, not to mention the fact that it is not easy to roll up.

The extendable garden hose is, as the name suggests "? expandable?", which allows it to expand and retract easily after emptying the water inside. Moreover, this makes it easily rollable on a hose reel when storing. It is therefore not at all bulky compared to a PVC pipe.

Easy to handle

An extendable garden hose is handy unlike a plastic hose. Thanks to its flexibility, you do not have to intervene on an obstacle. You just need to use this flexibility to loosen a tangled part of the pipe.

One of the special features of an extendable garden hose is its twisted shape. There is little risk of it getting caught in a bush or damaging your plants.

How to choose an extendable garden hose?

Watering plants can be done without your intervention, using an automatic watering timer with drip irrigation system. But, with an extendable hose, it's not just plants you can water. The uses of this tool are numerous such as car washing for example.

The market offers many models. If you don't have the right guidelines for finding one, you may be making the wrong choice. So here are a number of criteria to consider when choosing the right expandable garden hose.

Watering modes

A versatile expandable garden hose is must provide several watering modes. Each type of jet has a specific use.

Indeed, on this type of garden hose, you can have the spray, the shower mode, the spray, the water jet or the high pressure washer. It all really depends on the gun that sits on the hose nozzle which is adjustable in several ways.

The length of the pipe

An extendable garden hose is available in different lengths ranging from 10 m to 45 m for certain models intended for the maintenance of a large garden. Choosing your hose length depends on how you want to use it.

Resistance to storage conditions

Your expandable garden hose will not be used all the time. You may put it away for a while. For example, you are not going to water your garden during the winter. In this sense, the ideal is to choose a resistant model which tolerates temperature variations to extremes.

The pistol

If you want to use a reliable and efficient extendable garden hose, pay attention to the garden spray gun. Hozelock models, for example, have guns with ergonomic handles that make watering more fun than painful.

The connector

Connectors on expandable garden hoses can be plastic, copper, or brass. The ideal for better robustness is a metal quick connector (copper or brass).

With or without rewinder

One of the strengths of the expandable garden hoses is the easy rewind. This requires a hose reel which is supplied as an accessory with the product. Winders can come in different shapes, such as a large hook or a crank device. Either way, they make it easier to store the hose.

The accessories

A good expandable garden hose should have accessories that come with it. Since the taps are different, the nose may not be compatible with a particular model. It is therefore best to choose an extendable garden hose with a versatile connection system adapts to any faucet nose. A storage bag is also handy if there is no retractor.

The material

The hose must be able to withstand water pressure and torsion. If you want something durable, the flexible hose has to be of high quality, made of a double layer of high strength latex.

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